Current State of the Show

So, if you haven't heard the news yet, my computer just about shit itself. It is on it's last leg and can't perform to be able to live stream any more. This totally sucks bad. The show just started to really see it's momentum moving forward and I was taken two steps back. If you … Continue reading Current State of the Show


Call of Cthulhu “Alone Against The Flames”

With my upcoming "Cthulhu Experiment" coming up, I found out that Chaosium has a free solo adventure called Alone Against The Flames. I right away thought to myself "A solo adventure?. How would this work? What's the point?". But, because I have the hindrance Curiosity (major), I needed to find out. And the best part? … Continue reading Call of Cthulhu “Alone Against The Flames”

Ok, if you haven't pledged to the NC-17 level on the Patreon page (of course you haven't, nobody has!!) you need to! I am editing the video right now for that level and OH MY FUCKING GAWD!!! I am laughing my ass off!!! This is easily the most disturbing and funny game I've ever played. … Continue reading