So last night I had the pleasure of sitting down with Robert Schwalb to talk with him about this game Shadow of the Demon Lord. Robert was an absolute pleasure to have on the show and it really got me more interested in the game. I had made mention to him during the show that I already had SotDL and read through most of it, but I had parted my ways with it at the time. You see, during that time I was just on my kick of “I’m sick and tired of D&D and this stupid hit point punching bag”. Well, SotDL also has a power creep of hit points so I put the book (PDF) down and didn’t read it again until just a week or so before the show.

Now, I knew that I really liked the lore of the setting and that it was much more streamlined that D&D. And if you read my last post, you’ll know that I have finally grown up come to terms that each system does it’s own thing. Every system can’t be “what I want it to be”. I need to accept each game for what it offers.

So, I have this feeling that I may soon be paying a visit to this wonderful world that Robert has created. There is enough genuine roleplay and basic enough mechanics that can lead to low-prep mixed with true comedy. And if you watched/listened to the show, you’ll know that while I was streaming, my daughter wants us to play this game together.

I hope you enjoy the show and please leave your feedback!

Check out the YouTube video here

Check out the podcast on iTunes or here


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