So, a while back I had heard about this game called East Texas University (ETU) for Savage Worlds. When I first heard about this game and the general idea behind it (college students that get involved with the paranormal), I wanted nothing to do with it. Now, my opinion (like so many other caveman like qualities I have) was to stay away from it. I immediately thought to myself ‘who really wants to play college kids where you have to worry about so much teenage drama’. First thing that came to my mind was the PbtA game, Monster Hearts. Now, again my caveman thinking shining through, want nothing to do with Monster Hearts. I have been told that it is high-school based and relies heavily on the life of a teenager with ALL of the drama. No thank you, not for me.

So as you can see, when I made this connection in my own mind, I stayed away from ETU for a very long time. Then came the day that I purchased the ETU Players Guide from Pinnacles website for some unknown reason. It could have been my “completest” mindset after recently getting into Savage Worlds, or it could have been that I actually grew up a bit and wanted to check it out with an open mind. I’m still thinking it is the completest in me.

Well, to say the least, it was one of the better purchases I have ever made. Not only was it a good move for Pinnacle Entertainment Group (as I have a complete set of everything ETU minus the miniatures), but a great move for me. I read the core setting book and absolutely fell in love with the setting. I then struck out to start playing this fantastic setting. This turned into a live play that is also presented on the Nerds-International Network, called The Fighting Ravens. In all of my years gaming, this has been one of the most satisfying campaigns I have ever run. If this setting interestes you in the least, I recommend giving The Fighting Ravens a watch. But, be warned, it is NOT SAFE FOR WORK at all!

So this was just a quick post to give props to Ed Wetterman, Preston DuBose and everyone over at Pinnacle for such an amazing setting. I am still coming down from my high from a session we just played about an hour ago and I wanted to get this out there. I hope you check out the videos and the setting and enjoy this game as much as I am.

You can find ETU at Pinnacles store here


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