So I have to say that so far, the new show is doing pretty good. Not a large amount of downloads, but it’ll get there with time, I’m sure. I currently have guests booked until late May but I want to keep moving forward with planning ahead for shows. Last thing I want is to be inconsistent. (If you’re a listener of one of the old shows, you’ll understand).

So, what I’m looking for here is some show ideas. I’d like to know what you guys would like to hear about or what guests you would like to see me go after. So far I’ve learned that “it doesn’t hurt to ask”.

So, please help me out and email some show ideas to me. Mail to Please don’t post ideas on this thread, it’s too easy to loose track of what’s been said in the past and it’s always easier for me to just go hack and look at emails. I’m loving this new show so far and I want to see it grow. Thanks much everyone!


One thought on “Help Wanted

  1. I will think about this some more and whenever I get ideas I will throw them your way.

    So far, i think getting Will Wheaton would be a great coup. It may not be likely, but as you said “there’s no harm in asking”.


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