So I found this site from someone on G+ (can’t remember who, but I wish I did so I can tell them thank you) and this is a pretty cool map maker. I’ve only toyed with it a couple of times so far, but I like what I am seeing. I just wanted to do an “initial thoughts” write up real fast to get it out there to you all so you can check it out for yourself.

So, this is a very cool “click and drag” style map maker that works very well. It is web based so there is no software to download and install. You can quickly make a map and download or save to your account. My first impressions tell me that this would be a great tool if you needed to come up with a map in a hurry. The picture that I have attached is to show the quality of the icons that they provide and to show that you can throw something together very quickly. I did this one in about 5 minutes. Yup, 5 minutes. Now, I know it looks like a map that was throw together in 5 minutes, but again, you can see just how nice they can come out.

I plan to keep my eye on this software as I really enjoy making maps. I will do more research on this software and do another write up in the future. I hope to see things such as commercial use, city designers, dungeon designers and more icon options.

Be sure to check out Inkarnate and let me know what you think!


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