Left 4 Dead SAVAGED

So, as I write this, I am getting really excited about going to some tabletop RPG conventions this year. Earlier today, I booked my room for (from what I am told) is the best convention out here in Northern California: Kublacon.

I attended my first convention back in 2014 in Oakland CA that is called Big Bad Con. It was an interesting experience for me since not only was it my first gaming convention ever, I also went solo. I decided to run a couple of games and had an absolute blast. From there I went to 2 more conventions with a good friend of mine, Blaine. We went to ConQuest in Sacramento CA and Pacificon in Santa Clara CA. Both were in 2015. So since I didn’t attend any conventions last year, this is the year to make up for that.

Blaine told me when he got home from Alaska (for work) that he wanted to focus on gaming and going to conventions this year. He planted the seed and now we are doing it. I am super excited as we will be attending 3 conventions this year. April 7th we are heading to Sacramento for ConQuest again. The Kublacon will be Memorial Day weekend. And finally, Con on the Cob near Cleveland OH in November.

Of all of the cons, Con on the Cob is the one I look forward to the most. The network of gaming podcasts, live streams and blogs, Nerds-International, are getting as many of us together as we can at this convention so most of us can finally meet each other in person for the first time. This to me is winning the golden ticket. I’ve said it many times now and I will say it again- all the podcasting headaches, social media and everything else that has come with it has all become worth while because of the awesome people I have met as a result of it all. To finally meet these people that I have been able to call friends in person will be beyond awesome.

So, if you happen to read this and just may be attending any of these conventions, I hope to meet you as well! I will have links to each of these conventions below. Game on!

ConQuest Sacramento CA

Kublacon SF CA

Con on the Cob Richfield OH


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