So something that has been on my mind for a while now is just how deep down the rabbit hole we’ve (tabletop RPG gamers) have gone into gaming. I don’t mean “we take it too serious” or anything like that. I’m talking about the bloat of material that is out there for people to sink their minds into….. Such as this blog or my podcast……

It’s been on my mind because I listen to a handful of podcasts. Most of them have “their” way of doings things and present the “right” way to game. Now, I was previously guilty of this myself on a show I use to do a while ago. But the truth of the matter is the only “right” way to play a game is whatever way you have fun with it.

It’s kind of funny to me because, if I’m not mistaken, one of the greatest things about gaming podcasts is the ability to get out to the masses about a hobby that we love. But, are we actually helping or harming the industry when we get on our soap boxes and tear apart something we don’t like, even when others do? Again, I don’t exclude myself from this. I’m doing my best to see all different games for what they do, and not what I want them to do.

I have even caught myself for some time now over-analyzing gaming. I remember a time when it was just “sit down and play”. It seems these days I am even more concerned with whether or not I am running a game “correctly”. We live in a day and age of what has become known (at least to me) as “internet bad-asses”. A bunch of people willing to speak their minds to someone that they will never meet in person. The internet has created a large group of people who forgot what respect is. But, I digress.

In the end, I think what I am getting at is, just play to have fun. If you game with someone that doesn’t fit “your” style, don’t game with them. If you find others that you have fun gaming with and it suits the way YOU enjoy gaming, latch on to them! Screw what everyone else thinks. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are gaming “wrong”. In the end, that’s only their opinion and THEIR way of gaming. If you enjoy a system, play it! Don’t let anyone tell you that the system you enjoy is bad. It may be bad to them, but if it’s good to you, rock it.

Just getting out some stuff that’s been on my mind.


4 thoughts on “Have We Delved Too Far?

  1. All of you podcasters are fucktards anyway, who cares if you don’t like a game. Not me. ;D

    All Kidding aside, I listen to podcasts and Youtube videos to get an idea of what others think about something or some advice on how they would run something. If I don’t agree with it then I won’t follow suit. Are some podcasters bad for the industry? Maybe, but I havent personally witnessed anything that would constitute qualifying someone in that category. Then again, I wouldn’t listen to anyone who says a game is terrible unless I knew that we think alike on most subjects about RPGs. More often than not I will buy a PDF and make the decision for myself. It is for this reason that I often search Youtube for actual gameplay vids. I think the rabbit hole you speak of is different for each individual. Someone who has a sugarmomma and doesn’t need to earn a living would have a different perspective on the issue than someone who is married with kids and works 40+ hours a week. In the end, it all comes down to having some fun entertaining yourself and your friends for a few hours. If I was worried about doing something the right way all the time then it wouldn’t be fun.

    Great subject Jamie!

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  2. It’s so much easier to find the bad in things than the good. Have Happy Jacks set a trend where bitching is cool? Nerds are very opinionated. But it’s human nature really. People into politics and religion go into much more dangerous extremes. I challenge myself to keep things positive as much as possible when on the air at the expense of sounding “phony”.

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  3. Fun is why we play games right?? I remember in middle school playing some half assed version of D&D during lunch, where the majority of the rules were made up on the fly. We had fun anyways.
    I, take things like this, and pardon my crude and curt nature, Opinions are like assholes, everyone has them, so fuck them. Nobody is ruining my fun, I plays hows I likes!

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