So, I am a recent (within the last year and a half or so) fan of the Cthulhu Mythos. I find it to be fascinating and want to dive into it more. I’ve only read a few of the Lovecraft stories and plan to read even more. Hell, they’re something you can get for free these days! But I also want to dig into more roleplaying in the Mythos. I love the idea of “things the human mind should not see or understand”. Or “the things that actually go “bump” in the night”. The idea of cultists, crazy monsters, and the everyday Joe that tries to save the world just jumpstarts my mind.

So, I have decided to do a experiment between the two Cthulhu systems (that I know of)- Call of Cthulhu (CoC), by Chaosium, and Trail of Cthulhu (ToC) by Pelgrane Press. I have little experience with both systems but want to learn more about them. I like the system idea behind CoC with the percentile dice- just roll lower than your ability number. Simple and elegant. Yet, ToC offers a much more streamlined “you already have the clue, don’t bother searching for it. Let’s just focus on the story” element that seems great too. I’ve heard pros and cons for either system, but want to make a final decision for myself.


My plan is to run a game CoC for a 3-5 session scenario and then do the same for ToC. Not the same scenario, but pre-written adventures for either system. I will also be doing this with minimal players- 2. If you know me, I consider my “sweet spot” to be 3 players. But in an investigation game, I feel that’s even too many. Too many ideas can lead the group in many different directions. And only having one player can not have enough ideas. So, I think 2 players should do the trick.

I will be live streaming (or putting the games up on YouTube as a minimum) and releasing for everyone to check out. I look forward to this experiment and hope that anyone who watches can get a better idea of what system they think performs better in the crazy world of Lovecraft.

Looking forward to getting this going!


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