Eyes-Wide-Open-e1433270805256-32z87r2tdrm5k5ttosvpq8So, something that has been on my mind off and on for a while now is the phrase “you see” during a RPG session. Such as “when you walk into the room, you see a desk and a chair”. It’s something we all do and say while gaming, but it has made me wonder- is there something that can be said besides you see?

I really don’t know if there is any other way to put it. Maybe there is and I haven’t thought of it yet…. And it’s also 2:15 in the am and my brain still isn’t working all that great right now.

I have listened to quite a few actual plays and it’s such a typical phrase…. “You see….”. I don’t know if it’s just by brain latching onto a phrase that I am hearing over and over and I’m just not hearing it put another way, or if this is just the standard way of describing the moments to the characters.

Super short post but am curious as to what everyone else does. Do you all just say “you see…” or do you have different words that you use during your sessions to help describe a characters surroundings?

Thanks all and I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


3 thoughts on “You See…

  1. This room appears to be a study, smelling of books and dust. A large bookcase dominates the far wall; twelve tall shelves stuffed with books run the full eighteen-foot length of the wall. Along the wall to the left, situated in front of large windows to capture the afternoon light and sunset, stands a broad oak desk and plush, ornate chair. A collection of parchment sheets lay scattered on the desk’s surface.

    Opposite the desk rises a massive stone fireplace, carved with images of angels, devils, and other such iconography evocative of the eternal conflict between the celestial and infernal. (DC: 15 Perception to notice a phrase written in Infernal “The brightest lights cast the darkest shadows” to open the secret door at the back of the fireplace.)

    The air in the room is colder than the rest of the mansion, enough so that your breath fogs before you. There is something else: a sense of weight and oppression against your skin. Even sounds appear to be muted, as if afraid to be heard. (DC: 15 Knowledge: Religion to identify unhallowed ground.)


    It can be done without “you see…” if you’re willing to do a bit of expanding. Bring the different senses into play in addition to sight, and you bring them into the immersion of the description.

    That’s not a part of any adventure; just something I came up with for this example. It can be done on the fly, but can be even better if you take time beforehand to figure it out.

    Hope this helps!

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  2. I can’t use the phrase “it appears to be…” in my descriptions because my players will imediately decide that it is not!

    I do try to bring other senses besides vision into my descriptions. “The floorboards creak softly as you enter the study. You smell musty old books and dried leather.”

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