2048WDPLogoSo, I am a regular listener to The Wild Die podcast and the latest episode (#51) was just amazing. There is no other way to put it.

The special guest they had for this episode was Paris Conte from Australia, also known as Pure Mongrel over on the G+ communities. Now, I had known a bit about Paris’ work with youth and how he was using RPG’s to help kids and young adults with social anxiety from his various posts. But to actually hear what he is doing for these kids and young adults from his own voice is just unbelievable. The work that this man is putting in to help others AND to be doing it by using RPG’s it incredible.

I have seen Paris give credit to various podcasts (including this one) and many people and thanks THEM for their time… Can you believe that? He is thanking us. I 100% see that the other way around- we should ALL be thanking him for what he is doing. To hear how progress has been made with children that wouldn’t have even spoken in a social situation until this man sat down with them and get them involved in RPG’s is just chicken soup for the soul. And if you can’t see the value in that, you should be looking inward just a bit more.

Even if you’re not a Savage Worlds player, do yourself a favor and listen to this episode. Everyone at the Wild Die is a great bunch of guys and it is well worth it to listen to Paris’ story.  Click here to listen to the episode.

Paris, I really hope you read this and know that my hat is off to you, sir. You are an outstanding human being and to know that I may have had any little part in what you are doing makes me feel great. Thank you sir and keep up the good work!


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