So, if you haven’t heard the news yet, my computer just about shit itself. It is on it’s last leg and can’t perform to be able to live stream any more. This totally sucks bad. The show just started to really see it’s momentum moving forward and I was taken two steps back. If you want to see the video where I explain what’s going on, click here to watch the video.

But, to say the least, I was given advice to start up a GoFundMe to try to get a new computer to keep the show going and alive. So, I did just that and kicked off a GoFundMe campaign. If you have anything to donate, I will be forever grateful. At the very least, if you can help spread the word, I will also be forever grateful. You can see the video explaining what the exact GoFundMe money will be for here. Here is the link to the GoFundMe page-

Thank you everyone and I hope this is a short-lived downtime for the show.


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