Well, I was informed yesterday that this shitty schedule I am currently on (from midnight to about 1-2pm, 6 days a week) should continue until the end of October. As far as the show is concerned where I bring on guests and talk about things, that is back in full swing (thanks to the kind folks to donated to the GoFundMe!) and that will continue. Pathfinder_RPG_Core_Rulebook_cover

Live plays- I know there were a handful of people that were really enjoying the live plays of Pathfinder Rise of the Runelords. You can expect that to pick up around the second week of November. But, there will be a live stream of this from Con on the Cob on November 10th as the whole cast meets for the first time in person. This will be a fantastic opportunity! From there, the plan is still to (at minimum) finish out book one of this adventure path, give a full review show, and then decide where/what we want to do from there. Right now, I can see a few different options-


  • The live play series will continue using the Pathfinder system
  • The live play series will continue using another system
  • We decide we just don’t want to play this adventure path anymore and move onto something else.

Now, at this point, I don’t see this series stopping. I think we are all enjoying the story line and the character development that has happened so far.

51Tr-+wg8cL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_The Cthulhu Experiment- I am still so excited to get this going. Right when we got all geared up and did character creation, I was slammed with this schedule. I would imagine that this will finally take place around the third week in November. I foresee 2-4 sessions of Call of Cthulhu and then another 2-3 sessions of Trail of Cthulhu. There will also be a full review of those game systems and adventures we play. 51gifTD4RNL._SX381_BO1,204,203,200_

From there, we will start the Fantasy Flight Games Star Wars Edge of the Empire system where I will run the adventure module, Beyond the Rim.

Still so much do to and I can’t wait to do it all! Thank you all for your continued support and I look forward to getting back to giving you all this content!


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