Call of Cthulhu “Alone Against The Flames”

With my upcoming "Cthulhu Experiment" coming up, I found out that Chaosium has a free solo adventure called Alone Against The Flames. I right away thought to myself "A solo adventure?. How would this work? What's the point?". But, because I have the hindrance Curiosity (major), I needed to find out. And the best part? … Continue reading Call of Cthulhu “Alone Against The Flames”


Ok, if you haven't pledged to the NC-17 level on the Patreon page (of course you haven't, nobody has!!) you need to! I am editing the video right now for that level and OH MY FUCKING GAWD!!! I am laughing my ass off!!! This is easily the most disturbing and funny game I've ever played. … Continue reading