My Shitty Schedule Update

Well, I was informed yesterday that this shitty schedule I am currently on (from midnight to about 1-2pm, 6 days a week) should continue until the end of October. As far as the show is concerned where I bring on guests and talk about things, that is back in full swing (thanks to the kind … Continue reading My Shitty Schedule Update


Call of Cthulhu “Alone Against The Flames”

With my upcoming "Cthulhu Experiment" coming up, I found out that Chaosium has a free solo adventure called Alone Against The Flames. I right away thought to myself "A solo adventure?. How would this work? What's the point?". But, because I have the hindrance Curiosity (major), I needed to find out. And the best part? … Continue reading Call of Cthulhu “Alone Against The Flames”